From the Pastor's Heart

Today is January 1st, 2020.  1/5 of the 21st century has passed.  Our family celebrated its 50th year of ministering for Christ in this community.  In 1969 my dad moved here to Bullhead City with the Evins clan and began ministering as a Pastor.  He continued his ministry until 2009 when he went to be with the Lord.  I’ve had the great opportunity to succeed him as Pastor until this day.  God has been good in using Trinity Baptist Church to reach many for Jesus.  Although our church has been small group we have had the opportunity to affect our community for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is Jesus who brings true freedom.  Only Jesus can free us from our sinful condition and give eternal life to all. 

2019 brought its ups and down but the truth and message of Jesus never changes.  God’s truth is the same for 2019 and will be for 2020.  Although we might look around us and see folks turn their back and ignore God’s wonderful Gospel message and enduring truth, we must never ignore our responsibility to effect change whenever and wherever we can by being a faithful witness for Jesus.  May 2020 be a year of peace and contentment for all!